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Here are some of the questions submitted by the Learning Mentors and Station House Staff. If you have more questions, then speak to one of our helpful friendly support team on 0121 308 6555 to see if we can help you and to book your free taster day alternatively make an inquiry here.

    • Young adults 16+ in transition from school or college with moderate to severe learning difficulties/disabilities, behaviour that challenges, autism, brain injuries and/or mental health.
    • Adults 16-24 and 25+ with moderate to severe learning difficulties/disabilities, behaviour that challenges, autism, brain injuries and/or mental health who would like to improve their lives through fun, practical learning opportunities delivered in bite sized chunks in a friendly, fully supportive setting.
    • Adults 16-24 and 25+ with moderate to severe learning difficulties/disabilities, behaviour that challenges, autism, brain injuries and/or mental health that who would benefit from being involved in a community setting where they’ll improve their life and social skills.
    • Adults 16-24 and 25+ with moderate to severe learning difficulties/disabilities, behaviour that challenges, autism, brain injuries and/or mental health who need constant supervision and guidance and who cannot travel independently.
  • Skills Tank delivers a range of fun and practical learning opportunities (see our case studies section for examples) as well as community based activities.

    Skills Tank’s delivery is under pinned by an educational ‘learning by doing’ curriculum. This curriculum has been created and regularly updated to provide positive, uplifting, self-esteem boosting outcomes that encourage each individual to learn and move forward towards a brighter more fulfilling future.

  • We provide a number of community based outdoor activities that have learning built into them, please see our case studies section for examples. These include museum visits, cultural events, visits to RSPB sites and small zoos as well as parks and gardens.

  • Yes, through a number of activities which include:

    • Day trips to places of interest/educational benefit
    • Open days and fetes
    • Via our on-site Café (Tamworth)
    • Sandwich Run (Tamworth)
  • Yes, they can. Our sister company Care First Limited is an approved City & Guilds provider

    Where possible we will help and support students to work towards and gain City and Guilds awards.

  • Skills Tank is open Monday to Friday 09:30 – 15:30 most weeks of the year.

  • Yes. We are open all year but we do close at Christmas for between 8 and 10 days dependent on the day Christmas Day fall upon.

  • Click here and complete the details then we’ll send you a full information pack by 1st class post or call 0121 308 6555 and ask for Glenys or Wayne.

  • We do operate a minibus service and we do work with approved taxi companies, there is a charge for this service.

  • If travel is via our minibus or approved taxi companies then we can provide an escort or escorts. Please note there is an additional cost for escorting and this cost is dependent on the service required. 

  • No. We do ask you to provide a healthy lunch and request that you refrain from including fizzy drinks as they can lead to behavioural challenges.

  • Yes, we can. During our initial discussion with you, we will ask for a lot of information. This is to make sure we understand the requirements of each individual we work with.

  • Yes, we will try and give you the support you need but we do ask for at least 1 weeks’ notice, this is to help us to organise staff support.

  • Yes, we can, our Health and Wellbeing Manager can advise you on the protocols and staff training we have in place.

    • Moderate to Severe
    • Complex and Challenging
    • Mild to Moderate LD
    • Mild to Moderate PMLD
    • Complex PMLD
    • Cerebral Palsy
  • We deliver our service via 9 hubs across Birmingham (Great Barr Signal 1, Great Barr Signal 2, Great Barr Station House, Pheasey Community Hub, Collingwood Community Centre, Hopwood, Kings Heath, Marston Green and Chelmsley Wood) and 2 hubs in Staffordshire (Tamworth and Walsall).

    There is a weekly plan broken down into a daily schedule of fun, practical and hands on vocational learning activities as well as accredited learning where appropriate. These are delivered by the learning assistants, their seniors and overseen by the learning mentor. It’s the learning mentor in conjunction with the education curriculum manager and manger for health and wellbeing who put together these schedules taking into account the person-centred plans of the individual students and direction from the CEO.

  • Yes, where ever possible. I say that because staff do have a holiday entitlement to take and occasionally have sickness leave – it’s our aim to have as much continuity as possible.

  • As part of our information gathering process that we undertake with every new student to enable us to gain as much understanding of the new student as possible, we complete a holistic assessment and behaviours will be covered as part of this assessment. This holistic assessment enables us to develop a person-centred plan going forward for each student.

  • Call or head of Health and Wellbeing, Jo Jeffs, on 0121 308 6555. She will gather this updated information from you and make those who need to be aware of it aware. We treat all information with the utmost of respect and take out Data Protection protocols very seriously.

  • I can’t give you a direct answer to this question as I do not wish to mislead you. The reason is that every individual that comes to our provision has different needs and we are not clear on these needs until we have completed a holistic assessment. Once this is done we will gladly give you a costing tailored to the needs of the adult you care for needs.

  • Yes, we do organise a range of trips. Please see the question ‘Do your students access the community?’ above. Most trips do not incur additional costs.

  • Yes, we will always try and help where we can but would ask we are given a few days notice and a clear outline as to what needs to be discussed.

    Where we can we will assist in hospital, specialist, doctor and dentist visits.

  • Yes.

  • Yes, each hub has a trained first aider and yes, we would contact you if the adult you care for needs/is taken to hospital.

  • Yes, we will endeavour to provide you with person centred reviews and these will happen periodically.

    Along with periodical reports we run a communication book system which is regularly updated with essential information aimed at keeping you up to date.

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