Skills Tank from Care First is Proud to Announce its Association with Autism Parent Support Group Sutton Coldfield

Autism is one word trying to describe millions of stories.

And behind each of these millions of stories is a person, a family, but unfortunately not always a support network.

Autism Parent Support Group Sutton Coldfield was established in 1986 by parents with children and adults on the autism spectrum. The group stays true to its cause as it remains parent run as it believes it can help provide support, understanding and friendship based on real life experience. Experience that spans, living with autism from initial assessment through to diagnosis and beyond.

Help on issues that parents and carers face daily, including toilet/ sleep difficulties, special needs/mainstream schools, dietary advice, EHCPs (Education, Health & Care Plans), repetitive/aggressive behaviour, benefit/grant entitlement; plus, much more is what they provide.

They are part of an established network of local parent support groups all run through Facebook pages. By linking together, they can all offer help to more families regardless of where they live geographically. Autism Parent Support Group Sutton Coldfield is recommended by Autism West Midlands and the Birmingham Parent Carer Forum.

Starting in September they will be offering a monthly drop in support group in Tamworth.
The start date is Wednesday 13th September and it will be based at Skills Tank Tamworth, Silica Road, Amington, Tamworth B77 4DT.

The start time is 10 am to 2 pm, cost is £1 per person and includes refreshments. Their format is relaxed, friends talking and listening over a cuppa sharing ideas and knowledge. More importantly, the support is aimed at helping you to not feel so isolated; no-one is there to pass judgement on you as everyone is in the same boat. Please feel free to bring someone with you when you come to a meeting as they love to meet family members and friends.

The drop-in session will be held in the Skills Tank restaurant and you’ll be served your refreshments by the young adults who access Skills Tank for training and learning. All the young people there have a range of learning disabilities/difficulties including autism.

For more details send a Facebook friend request to Autism Parent Support Group Sutton Coldfield. To learn more about Skills Tank and how it helps adults 16+ with learning difficulties/disabilities, behaviour that can challenge, autism and mental health needs please visit