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Costs and Funding Options

Costs vary depending on what each individual’s needs, we don’t deliver a one size fits all provision but one that is personal centred and one that will develop the adult you care for. The costs are dependent on the details on the referral form, the assessment and discussions with the funding body.

Funding sources for the adult you care for to attend Skills Tank

Funding can come from one or several streams, typically these are:

  • City Council Adults and Communities team (via your social worker)
  • NHS (usually via your community nurse)
  • Individual budgets/Direct Payments
  • An independent living fund
  • Private payment
Have any questions about funding? Just give us a call on 0121 308 6555 and ask for Glenys or Wayne as they will help you, if we can’t answer your question directly we’ll get the answer and comeback to you.
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