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At Skills Tank the adults we care for enjoy a wide variety of fun and practical activities, and it’s through these activities they learn new skills, and maintain existing ones. Our weekly programme includes;

  • Communication sessions
  • Community participation
  • Creative and cultural activities
  • Personal skills
  • Social skills
  • Life skills
  • Sports and social enterprise
  • Improving behaviours
  • Relaxation

Skills Tanks learning and support has greatly helped Mr and Mrs Yaqoob, they kindly wrote to us saying;

Care First’s involvement in both our son’s lives has been very positive and the help and support you have provided us has been invaluable. Please would you pass these thanks on to all the staff within Signal one and Signal two who have helped and supported our sons over the years. Thank you Care First for doing a wonderful job.

Many skills are taught or maintained in each activity for example – a cookery session. With students, who enjoy cooking and experimenting with recipes – we start with a recipe chosen by a student or a dish for a cultural or social occasion. The student is encouraged to undertake the whole process, from deciding upon the recipe, costing and sourcing the ingredients, creating the dish, and then presenting it to, and enjoying it with, fellow students.

The skills taught or maintained in this activity include communication, making choices, community inclusion, road safety awareness, health and safety awareness, food hygiene, culinary skills, social skills and confidence building. This is an example of how just one activity can start to teach so much when done in a fun, exciting and practical way. Here’s a few more of the learning opportunities we build into weekly plans:

Independence Skills
  • Daily living skills
  • Making choices
  • Health and hygiene
  • Sports and leisure
  • Home skills/cookery/nutrition
  • Educational community
  • Keeping safe visits
Creative Studies
  • Creative craft and design
  • Gardening and conservation
  • Car wash social enterprise*
  • Information technology
  • Woodcraft social enterprise*
Communication and Awareness Skills
  • Making decisions
  • Solving problems
  • Taking responsibility
  • Communication
  • Self-awareness and self-image
  • Music therapy
  • Building greater confidence
  • Improving self-esteem
  • Holistic health
  • Improving behaviours

Come and see for yourself what Skills Tank is all about. That’s right, see for yourself what we do, how we may be able to help you help the carers who are in crisis with the adults they care for.

All you need to do is speak to one of our helpful friendly support team – on 0121 308 6555 to see if we can help you and to book your visit. Alternatively make an inquiry here.

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