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Skills Tank’s central purpose is to help adults 16+ with learning disabilities/difficulties and behaviour that challenges mental health, brain injuries and autism.

We’ve learnt over the past 23 years that continuing fun, practical and varied education helps our students live happier, calmer and more enjoyable lives which in turn helps to reduce carers stress and improve family life.

Not only that but a positive transition from child to adult services greatly helps the developing young adult to go forward in their lives achieving things they possibly didn’t think possible.

To help create a positive transition we’ve developed and continue to fine tune our transition pathway. It’s not a leap of faith from one part of life to the next one but a bridge that kindly transitions young adults from a school environment to an adult learning environment.

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If you’d like a Transition Pathway information pack please call our team on 0121 308 6555 or click here now, complete the information requested and a pack will be dispatched first class within 24 hours.
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