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Transition Pathway

Young adults who learn differently (learning difficulties/disabilities, mental health, autism and challenging behaviour) from 16 onwards and their carers face many choices and lots of changes when organising transition from school into adult services.

Here’s a new approach, could it work for you?

A tailored transition pathway that’s created with input from the young adults, their school, his/her carers, healthcare professional and Skills Tank’s specialists. A focused pathway to cater for their individual needs and to remove as much shock and disturbance to their daily routine as possible.

This helps them to be more accepting of their transition, it reduces frustration and stress created by change, which in turn helps to combat changes in attitude at home.

It all starts by completing and returning a referral form, this tells us all about the young adult and their needs and allows us to prepare and complete a holistic assessment. Click here to request your transition referral pack.

From the information, you give us via the transition referral pack we can put in place up to 4 taster sessions at NO COST with the right people and the right support. Providing all parties are happy with the taster sessions and the decision is taken to take a Skills Tank place then a transition pathway will be designed specific to the young adult you care for.

Together we’ll identify the leaving date of the young adult, the number of days a week they’ll be attending Skills Tank and design a person-centred pathway that starts 6 weeks before the young adult leaves school. This greatly helps to reduce anxiety, fear caused by the unknown and stress.

Parents and carers of young adults who we meet at events as well as those that choose Skills Tank often say, “if you get this decision right and the person you care for is happy in their new environment their life and your life will be easier, happier with less stress”. And that’s what we want for you.

Your Transition Pathway

This tailored pathway will be a slowly increasing number of days a week at Skills Tank coupled with a slowly reducing number of days at school. Thus gradually, at a pace that’s person centred to the individual, transitioning them from school into a service that continues their education, personal and social development. This transition period has no daily provision costs.

If you feel the provision you want needs to be:

  • Providing a person-centred pathway that continues the individuals education, personal and social development.
  • Interested in the person I care for and helping them improve self-esteem, confidence and their communication skills.
  • Making a positive contribution towards improving behaviours and well being.
  • Taking some of the daily stresses and strains off my shoulders.
  • Proven long term history of helping adults who learn differently fulfil many things once thought unlikely.
  • Dedicated to young adults and adults who learn differently.
  • Safe, supportive and friendly.
  • Hands on, practical and fun.
  • Full of encouragement and understanding.
  • Easy to talk to and helpful.
  • Available 48 weeks of the year which is many more weeks than most college based offerings.

Then Skills Tank from Care First might be for you.

Please let me explain…

Skills Tank is in place for young adults who are unable to, or choose not to access a college course. It’s an independent service provider which works closely with individuals, working at their pace with assistance and gentle encouragement to develop their existing skills and promote new ones.

To gain access to Skills Tank you need the involvement of a social worker or community nurse allocated to the young adult you care for who can make an application for funding on your behalf or be in receipt of an individual budget, direct payments, council funding, NHS funding, private funding or a mixture of any of these.

For 21 years now (1996-2017) we’ve been helping individuals who learn differently achieve more in life, we’re dedicated to the continual development of our approach through the learning we are lucky enough to receive from our learners—as we teach them they teach us too.

This learning has helped develop a transition pathway that’s based on gradual introduction of; a new service, new ways and new people.

During a young adult’s time at Skills Tank we will work tirelessly and patiently to develop their independence skills, for example: daily living skills, keeping safe, health and hygiene, making choices, sport and exercise as well as ‘streetwise’ for independent travelers where applicable.

Through personal and social development gardening and conservation, creative craft and design, cooking and other leaning opportunities we’ll develop a greater sense of satisfaction and achievement.

By incorporating: making decisions, taking responsibility, solving problems, improving behaviours, we’ll improve communication and awareness skills /self-esteem and confidence.

Places at Skills Tank are available for young adults 16-25 to attend 1-5 days a week from 09:30 – 3:30 Monday to Friday.

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