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Proven Outcomes

Accomplishments, no matter how small, over time make a big difference to our students, their carers and to us.

Building belief that’s our students belief in themselves and their carers belief in us is something we feel is important so much so some years ago we designed a ‘quality mapping system’ to identify what was working, what wasn’t and what could be improved.

We audit our service on a regular basis to maintain and improve our standards. Our learning mentors and CEO meet regularly to discuss operations and student progress.

But, it’s the feedback through notes in our daily communication book (every student has one) that give us a big insight into how students are progressing as we often experience a different student to the one the carer experiences!

You can see what we do, just organise a visit, but what you won’t see is the time, thought and detailed planning that goes into a session. On the surface, students could be learning about money.

Look a bit deeper and they are identifying coinage, completing simple maths, communicating with one an other and getting ready to go out into the community to shop for goods ready to buy items that make up a recipe that’s been chosen for a cooking session.

This is just one example of the joined up thinking that’s aimed at:

  • Improving daily living skills
  • Increasing confidence in communicating with others
  • Building belief and self-esteem through positive achievement
  • Improving behaviours

Working together to achieve something is a wonderful thing whether it’s building window boxes, incubating seeds that grow into colourful flowers, and cultivating a vegetable garden it all helps. It helps because carers can see:

  • Progress
  • The adult they care for is safe and in capable hands
  • Vunerability is minimised
  • There is a goal

Many carers tell us their life improves, it may be gradual but it’s there in terms of more sleep, less stress and more options. Letter from a parent:

Having been in residential care for most of his life we never thought that ‘Skills Tank’ could provide so much change to a person who could not be taken shopping, had no social skills, suffered from severely challenging behaviour and was totally socially excluded.

We are now able to take John shopping on his own and in company without the difficulties that used to exclude him. He can’t wait to go out to ‘Skills Tank’ in the morning, he arrives home happy and pleased with himself, especially after sporting activities, and he’s very proud of his achievements.

We see and carers see behaviours improving, more social and family intregration and from time to time reductions in medication. Maybe we could help you, think it’s possible then click here to request an info pack form.
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