A Big Smile, Feelings of Delight and True Pride at Birmingham Business Charter’s Presentation

Uplifting news, Care First has recently been presented with Birmingham Business Charter’s Social Responsibility certification; with this Care First and Skills Tank join a small group of just 301 companies across Birmingham who’ve not only shown but clearly proven they care on many levels.

Not only does Care First and Skills Tank go to great lengths to help, encourage and develop adults who learn differently, have behaviours that challenge and extra support needs but that ethos flows through to its desire and commitment to help, encourage and develop the people it employs, the environment we all live in and the city it’s based in.

The Charter’s Guiding Principles Include:

  • Local Employment
  • Good Employer
  • Ethical Procurement
  • Buy Birmingham First
  • Green and Sustainable
  • Partners in Communities

To gain certification Care First had to meet 34 mandatory and detailed qualification criteria.

Care First’s Financial Director, Neil Thorogood (he’s the one wearing the bright yellow tie in the picture) commented “Being part of this initiative and joining this tiny group of caring companies is important to Care First and Skills Tank as it’s a logical extension to what we do – help, encourage and develop adults who learn differently, have behaviours that challenge and extra support needs”.

Skills Tank is dedicated to helping all its learners to achieve their ambitions and potential, at a pace they are comfortable with, in a friendly, supportive and fun environment. Some learners, with assistance, can work towards a City & Guilds ‘award’ qualification which helps to prepare them for college life in the future.

A fair number of learners come to us with a string of negative situations which have often inhibited their progress and hindered their situation. Skills Tank is about reversing this trend through a continual flow of positive successful outcomes via varied   learning opportunities, specifically designed to meet the individual’s needs.

These learning opportunities enhance existing skills, develop new ones and create positive uplifting self-belief which helps to reduce challenging behaviours and extra assistance needs.  Skills Tank is a paid for service, the cost per day is dependent on an individual’s needs and initial assessment.