The Wonders of Technology

COVID-19 has done its best to disrupt our lives, restrain us and isolate us. However, being resilient human beings, we have had to think differently, work differently, and play differently.

Thinking differently is one of the actions all the staff at The Care First Group have had to do. For instance, we have had to think about how we reconfigure our service to continue to deliver our skills for life and wellbeing learning to our clients and students.

We are continuing to deliver our service by embracing technology and developing new ways to work with, and support our clients and students. As a temporary fix for a short while, it is working.

Royal Mail and email, home deliveries to the door and video conferencing via Skype, Zoom or Facetime are now our tools. It is not as effective as our normal hands-on, face to face approach, but it is working, for now!

Our client group, adults with learning difficulties, learning disabilities, autism, behaviours that can challenge and mental health do not cope with change, especially sudden change or anything out of the normal. We have had to adapt to help our students.

Here is the first two of a series of videos for our students:

  • One gives you an insight into what we’re doing and how our learners are responding.
  • The second is a brilliant cookery demonstration for our learners to follow at home.

You can find the links below!

Message from Tamworth Hub Manager

Cooking Demo by Carla