Faye Abbott’s personal growth since starting Skills Tank

Faye received funding to attend Skills Tank two days a weeks starting in November 2010. She started, at Skills Tank having spent a number of years at Walsall and Sutton College as well as attending Pinfold Day Centre, after being involved in a serious road traffic accident.

During her review, in early January 2012, her mum, Yvonne, was very positive about Faye coming to Skills Tank and commented that since starting at Skills Tank Faye’s memory has improved, along with her communication skills. These improvements have made a big difference for Faye, as she now joins in lot more with conversations at home, is more involved, as well as being a lot happier in herself.

When asked about what Faye enjoys, mum replied,

She like the company, loves it when the music man comes she enjoys the singing and apparently he’s rather handsome! She likes being involved in lots of different indoor and outdoor activities and the independence as well as being out of the house.

Faye doesn’t like being on her own, so all the company at Skills Tank and the new friends she’s made really help, she has great fun with tutors and support staff which is proving to be a great tonic for Faye, laughter does her the power of good. The support and gentle encouragement has enabled her to do more, which in turn has boosted her confidence, helping her achieve more in the activities she enjoys. This all contributes to Faye being happier and enjoying life more.