‘Sensory’ hour allowed kids and adults with autism to shop in silence

The shopping centre, Glasgow Fort, have announced that they are to turn off all their music within the stores between 10am and 11am on Sundays. This is to allow children and adults to shop there without them worrying about a sensory overload.

People with autism can experience a ‘sensory meltdown’ which is when they feel overwhelmed when there is too much sensory information to take in. This can mainly happen in places such as shopping centres or amusement parks as there is often too much to take in. many sufferers can also experience anxiety and aggression.

Glasgow Fort is going to be banning music for the entire hour which will be starting on September 4th 2016. This has attracted many supportive shoppers who are often regulars.

Christine Stewart from the Facebook page The Only Way IS Baillieston wrote: “This is a massive step forward to enable individuals with heightened sensory issues such as some people on the autistic spectrum to enjoy the small pleasures in life that the rest of us take for granted- well done Glasgow Fort although I do think this should be extended to half a day.”

Elsbeth McDonald added: “Fantastic step forward.”

Glasgow Fort has confirmed that an additional 20 stores have confirmed that they are participating.

To find out more about this, just follow this link!

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