Skills Tank go Wild! (for the Wildlife Trust!)

The sun has had its hat on and it’s come out to play… so Skills Tank students grabbed their coats, jumped in the minibus and sped off to help the Wildlife Trust!

Spirit of belief, big hearts and a willing soul… such wonderful blessings and as the Skills Tank students over in Tamworth find themselves, start to believe in themselves and realise so much more is possible in life, their appetite for action explodes into being.

Each and every-one of them has a story, has been on a journey (some more pleasant than others unfortunately) but right now the longer they attend Skills Tank the faster they grow as individual people and the more they believe…they can do.

The fun practical supporting way we work with adults who have extra needs due to learning difficulties/disabilities, behaviour that challenges, autism and mental health means each individual, on their level can develop, can grow as a person and can achieve so much more than they’ve been given credit for in the past.

Don’t take my word for it, see for yourself, and peer through this tiny hole into their world by reading our and their posts.  Tiny steps for you and me are often giant strides forward for these guys and they get so much more from the experience than we do.

The joy from being out in the community and feeling safe, helping others by working alongside Rotary and getting involved in Sports Relief means so much…then as the sun starts to shine they turn their hand to nature again having fun on the way.

Oh yes they do…out in the fresh air with the Wildlife Trust, split into 2 teams adding the spice of competition but more importantly creating the opportunity to plan, communicate and problem-solve the day starts with a bit of fun – searching, finding and recording brass rubbings whilst learning about what nature is to be found.

Then off to help the trust with some conservation work before spring becomes summer and the plant life hits its growth spurt, covering paths, and hiding nesting sites and denying smaller creatures their natural habitat.

‘Heart-warming’ it is to see these guys grow, have fun and get more from life… If you care for an adult 16+ with extra needs due to learning difficulties/disabilities, behaviour that challenges, autism and mental health call us and see what really is possible.