Don’t you just love a ‘Thank you’ card out of the blue?

No ordinary card with just ‘Thank You’ on the front but one carefully chosen for the words emblazoned on the front – it took Will our Learning Mentor at Skills Tank Kings Heath totally by surprise.  I have it on good authority he welled up, couldn’t speak momentarily and had to collect himself – take a look for yourself.

Now, the words on the front are beautiful but it’s the words inside that mean so much.  Yes, they do.  You see they come from the heart and there’s nothing better in the world than being appreciated for what you do, well maybe there is one thing?

For our delivery staff, in fact, everyone at Skills Tank from Care First that one thing is seeing a person with learning difficulties progress, get enjoyment, real satisfaction at achieving something no matter how big or small.

That big smile, a whole-body smile which says “I did that”, now that is something you don’t forget, it’s a gift a very special gift for everyone from parent/carer to student to staff.

If you would like to find yourself in a position where you are driven to write a card like this and you care for an adult with learning difficulties/disabilities, autism, behaviour that challenges and extra assistant needs take a look at or call Glenys/Wayne 0121 308 6555.