Trip to the gym

No takers but just recently a few things spun, bounced and dropped into Skills Tank and there was a fun work out straight away, just look…

Rushing to the minibus to go to the sports hall isn’t something we are used to at Skills Tank, well unless it’s for fun and games.  Who doesn’t like fun and games?

Most of us do and why should Skills Tank attendees be any different?  They shouldn’t.

Now with exercise being a key part of good health and wellbeing we wanted to add some new fun and games to the sport hall sessions to help with mobility, concentration and the spirit of competition without being over competitive as this can trigger behaviours.

Yes skittles, football and rounders are fun and everyone joins in but every so often it’s good to add not 1 but 3 new twists, so we did but first a mini-trial in Signal 1.

Well exercise has never gone down so well, first, it was the turn of the adult space hoppers – look at the joy on Craig’s face but he had to watch out as Joseph, Chas and senior learning mentor Marion were desperate to have a go, closely followed by Adnan.

Next, it was time to give the hula hoops a spin, Joseph was straight onto it and Chas, after a few practice runs and some tuition really got into it – just look at the concentration on their faces.

A few races up and down Signal 1, lots of hip and tummy action and things were starting to slow down, what better time to ease off a bit and get some concentration and aiming skills going-no no don’t panic it’s not indoor archery, it’s floor darts with hands.  I know, not the best description but look at the picture and you’ll get it.

Was it a good idea? Did it go down well?  Fun addition to the sports hall?

Yes, yes and yes.  Lots of smiles, lots of energy burnt off and lots of participation – you see wellbeing can be fun, just takes a bit of thought.  Now thought is something we have in abundance at Skills Tank as we are all dedicated to making life better – living and learning for a brighter future is not just a strapline (see logo).

Now, as a carer of an adult 16+ with learning difficulties/disabilities, behaviour that challenges and extra assistant needs – if wellbeing, personal and social development are important to you, call Glenys/Wayne 0121 308 6555.