What is the first part of learning maths, the bit before adding, subtracting, and dividing?

Number recognition.

Now learning numbers is boring, very boring especially when you are an adult with learning difficulties/disabilities, you want to be doing fun stuff and stuff you understand.  Now learning through fun and practical activities is one way we help and develop adults who learn differently – so fun is right up our street.

And, bingo is a fun and a slightly competitive way to get that number recognition really working.  Add in a bit of gentle competition and you can help break down some of the physiological barriers to learning.

Once you have cracked this number recognition thing the world opens up, for instance, suddenly understanding money is far less foreboding.

Getting the money thing is such a big boost.  It flings open the door to some very important life skills, shopping becomes less confusing, some of the fear and anxiety of using public transport melts away and the mystery of many things some people take for granted become less mysterious.

All we did, in fact, all we do on many fronts is take away the academic approach, change the way you teach and suddenly it is not learning, it is fun.  Once it is fun it is easier to accept and once you have mastered acceptance it is incredible what you can do.

Yes, it is not that easy, yes it takes a lot of thought, a lot of planning and patience but it is possible and possible is where we want to get to.

Just recall the first time you mastered something you thought you could not do, how good it felt.  Then recall when you realised you could do it again and again.  Felt good?  Gave you a boost, a confidence boost, maybe a self-esteem boost, possibly settled you down a bit and melted away some anxiety.

This is what we strive to achieve for our, Skills Tank, students.

With a bit of thought, creative thought and continuation of learning playing bingo can be the first step on a journey to a new world.

Come and talk to us about the challenges you face with the adult 16+ you look after with learning difficulties/disabilities, autism, behaviour that challenges, mental health or brain injury.

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