There’s No Magic When No One Believes…

…But When You Believe Magic Flows and The Unlikely Becomes So Real You Can See It, Touch It and Even Taste It!

Oh Yes we believe, Oh Yes we see magic and Oh Yes our service users show us in many ways on many days that things that were once on the edge of impossible are truly possible.  But don’t take my word for it – read this unsolicited letter from a very proud Mrs. Humphries.

Tuesday 24th May 2016

I wanted to share with you all that James and I cooked a lasagne on Saturday.

It was a real pleasure for me to work with James – he was organised and methodical and very keen to show me all things he had learned with you.  I was a bit nervous about letting him do the chopping of the ingredients – but he was very careful and kept telling me how he had been taught/shown.

I got ‘ticked off’ because I didn’t have new designated chopping boards and was not allowed to be ’creative’ or deviate from the weights and recipe!!!

We had a lovely afternoon together and the end result was delicious! I have enclosed a photo of a very proud James with the finished lasagne.

Thank you all for your time and effort in helping James to achieve this.

Signed, Mrs. Humphries

A very proud mum, and a very happy and proud James. We all believe in him and him in all of us and together we create many things you can see, touch and taste.  They say a picture paints a thousand words the one below certainly exudes belief, pride and magic.

James and his fellow Skills Tank students have gone from strength to strength in the Tamworth Skills Tank coffee shop, baking fabulous cakes, cooking gorgeous food like James’s lasagne so much so that we’ve revamped a full industrial stainless steel kitchen. It’s been accredited with a full 5 Star Health and Hygiene certificate and we’re now moving from the little coffee shop to a full blown café with daily specials and the full works.

The excitement is electric and the belief sky high, the magic will flow and the café will show just how what’s thought to be on the edge of impossible is possible – students who learn differently creating beautiful meals and serving them to members of their community!

If you care for an adult 16+ who learns differently and you’d like him/her to achieve more please call Wayne/Glenys on 0121 308 6555.