Cancer Affects Us All

Cancer – it’s touched most of us. We know people who’ve battled it, are battling it right now as well as some who have passed and some who are in remission.

It was a sad sad day the day Giovanni lost his battle against cancer; he’d fought so valiantly and with such dignity.  Never before had a student of ours being so unfortunate to be diagnosed with cancer, he’d made lots of friends within Skills Tank, was very popular and kind.

The day Maddy, our learning mentor, had to break the news to his dear friends and fellow students at Skills Tank was in her words “One of the hardest and saddest things I’ve ever had to do – I had to be strong for the students and not cry, beating that instinct hurt”.

“Until I joined Care First’s Skills Tank I’d never thought about working with adults with learning difficulties/disabilities, it never crossed my mind that I naturally had the skills within me and I just wasn’t prepared for the immense change in me nor the joy working with these guys would bring to me” so loosing Giovanni wasn’t going to pass with a whimper.

Straight away the mentors, tutors and support staff at Skills Tank’s Tamworth Hub signed up for the ‘Race for Life’ we just had to do something not just for Giovanni, but for us and for the students too.

A motley crew of six dressed to suit the occasion, well almost, and ready for all that Sutton Park and the associated route could throw at them and yes they did it and yes they raised just over £400.00 with money still coming in – what a great event, what a fabulous way to say we care and the truth of the matter is we always will.

Caring is second nature so is going the extra mile to help and improve the lives of the adults with learning difficulties/disabilities, autism, mental health and behaviours that challenge who come to Skills Tank.  If you’d like to see how we could help you and the adults you care for or you’d like to work with Care First call 0121 308 6555 and ask for Wayne.