Here’s what our students with learning difficulties/disabilities thought about the flash floods that robbed them of their vision room.

In a matter of seconds the sky turned deep purple.  Within minutes the rain was so dense it looked like a foggy day and without us knowing the road outside quickly became a river of gushing water bursting over the curb and dashing across the car park and into our vision room destroying carpets, computers and furniture.

Fortunately we weren’t in it at the time but on finding the devastation the students had mixed reactions, read on for some of their thoughts:

Sean said: “The rain was bad, mud was bad, had to move.  Not Good!”

Danny explained: “The vision floor is wet, carpet is wet, coped well with more football and more cooking” (not everyone is sad)

Rebecca exclaimed: “So sad, had to move to the sports hall and change my routine!”

Imran’s thoughts: “Flooded, all too much!” Office wrecked, classroom flooded but I’ve coped okay”

Robert says “I have to walk more, my legs hurt but I get to do more sport”

“The sports hall is louder, this makes me hyperactive, I need time to calm down – I am learning to control my mood” says Faye.

Margaret, the students learning mentor says: it’s taken a few weeks to sort it all out and get back to normal and I’m so proud of how well the students have coped with sudden change and the loss of a quiet comfortable room they love to relax in.

Nature moves in strange ways and this sudden freak of nature has shown us through trust and belief how quickly our students have adapted to a sudden change something that can cause a lot of upset to adults who learn differently.

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