Wondrous Alchemy Transforms Skills Tank Signal 1 and 2

It had all been a bit quiet since the gnomes and old tyres had arrived one wet rainy day in the late spring. (See June news to get up to date with the ‘summer of colour’ initiative dreamt up by the two learning mentors Sam and Emily of Signal 1 and 2).

Plain white mat pottery gnomes where transformed into colourful happy beings by the students, with a bit of guidance of course.

Ugly black worn out tyres were dressed with colour and turned into planters.

Then what we thought was the final piece of the ‘summer of colour’ initiative, big brightly coloured bedding plants were added and hey presto a boring lifeless area was transformed with colour and fun.

Job done, ‘summer of colour’ initiative finished…or was it?

You see it was only late July, the summer was still young and full of expectation but all was suspiciously quiet on the ‘summer of colour’ initiative, a quiet that, out of the blue, was shattered by the sound of a heavy duty hammer drill and excited student chatter.

Now, a few days before, I’d spotted the woodcraft group putting the finishing touches to some long thin green wooden planters made from recycled pallet wood – I thought great window boxes, but a bit big.  Now that spot of mystery was solved.

Let me explain, the noise from the hammer drill was three students under staff guidance drilling mounting holes under the lower floor windows of Signal 1 and 2.  And there on the floor lay the strangely sized window boxes; they perfectly matched the windows size.

They’d all been working together since the gnomes arrived and added colour to the borders of the car park to perform a bit of building alchemy, to add colour to the boring bricks and make the building look less hard.  Some of the windows had been dressed from the inside and some left clear, it was under the clear ones the window boxes where been attached ready for plants and more colour.

The wonder of Skills Tank staff goes on and on and the achievements of the students just get more exciting, more visual and more amazing – perhaps it’s alchemy on a much bigger scale?

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