Rio 2016 – Paralympics special medals for visually impaired

The medal winners of the Rio 2016 Paralympics will receive the very first special medals which will help visually-impaired athletes tell if they have won either gold, silver or bronze. The designers have created a total of 2,642 medals which are 877 gold, 876 silver and 889 bronze. The medals were created with a device which, using the small metal balls, allow the athletes to know between the 3 different medals.

Another feature includes the sounding of the medal when shaken. Each colour medal will have a different sound. For bronze, it contains 16 steel balls and it will create the lowest sound, whereas gold will have 28 mini steel balls and silver will contain 20 steel balls.

To top off the medals, all colours will have the same words written along the bottom in braille. They’ll have ‘Rio 2016 Paralympic Games’ written along the bottom.

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