Funny place to find a sledge but what a great idea to use it!

Yes, the days have got shorter and the weather colder which can only mean one thing, well, three actually…that’s right, Halloween, bonfire night and Christmas.

Fortunately, we’ve had a run of dry weather which always helps when you’ve a day out planned and what a day out pumpkin picking it proved to be.  The research definitely paid off as there was much fun to be had – just look at the collage of pictures above.

There were some amazingly creative examples of pumpkin carving (see top left), a bit of fun in photo pumpkins, shame there wasn’t any cold wet sponges to throw at the staff, was a comment passed!

Why the pile of sledges?

Simple really they are a great way to transport heavy pumpkins across the field to the payment shed and onto your mode of transport but first a big choice.  Big, medium or small yes we all have to make that one but then throw into the mix, white, greyish, yellow and green or orange.

Our students all picked traditional orange.

Just look at the smiles…fun was had by all, but that’s just the beginning as the next stop was back to Skills Tank out with the tracing paper, designs sketched and on with the gloves.  The feel of those pumpkin innards, oh, unpleasant especially for some of our more autistic students.

Innards out, carvings, with lots of help and guidance ready to go and then, just in time, as by now it’s fast approaching home time, pumpkins carved.  What a great day, a wonderful trip out, decisions made, pumpkins were chosen, lots of guidance and support and hey presto finished articles to be proud of.

Another day of achievement, a bit more self-esteem growth, more ‘yes I can do it’ in the bag, not to mention lots of fresh air, smiles and laughter. If you care for an adult 16+ with learning difficulties/disabilities, autism, mental health and some with behaviours that challenge who you’d like to see get more out of life then have a no obligation friendly discussion with Glenys or Wayne on 0121 308 6555 or visit, what have you lose?