At last-The trolley search is over, it’s been excitedly unwrapped and trolley usage certification completed.

From a small tray to a larger tray and now a trolley the Skills Tank fresh sandwich run goes from strength to strength.

The sandwiches and salad bowls are bursting with fresh everyday ingredients all made in our 5* hygiene rated kitchen by our students and staff. Yes, they do taste as good, if not better, than they look.

Take a look at the photo’s below and look at the trolley training – yes you read that right trolley training. What a wonderful, okay slightly mad world we now live in but it is true, totally true students and staff had to set up a course and successfully complete a trolley training course.

The certificates are on the way, well in the post…yes, I know we’ve all heard that one before! But I assure you they are.

You can’t imagine, no I assure you really can’t imagine what a transformation this sandwich run has had on Skills Tank students and it came about through sheer determination.

Sheer determination that helping our students increase their self-esteem, grow their confidence and feel a greater part of their community could be done. It all started with a small coffee shop, that grew to include sandwiches, salad bowls and homemade cakes but takes up from the local area was slow.

Slow that is until one day, the dawn of a great idea…if the people won’t or can’t come to us we will go to them.

Yet more learning for the students all with learning difficulties/disabilities, autism, mental health and some with behaviours that challenge – it came in the form of market research. Putting together a survey, delivering it to local businesses and then picking up the completed surveys.

The outcome, a resounding YES.

Yes, to a sandwich delivery service, from idea to action plan to launch, a new mini business venture started from scratch. Look out for the video, that’s right a video filmed because so many people said it couldn’t be done, the students won’t be able to do it, the community won’t be supportive.

Now you tell me, from small tray to a larger tray to a big 4 wheel covered trolley who was right? The students wanted to have a go, we wanted to support them and give them the experience – see the pictures look out for a future post that’ll include a short film.

Wonderful, magical, amazing what adults with learning difficulties/disabilities, autism, mental health and some with behaviours that challenge can do. If you fancy finding out more about our service, just call Glenys or Wayne on 0121 308 6555.