There is NO ‘Could Have Done Better’ on our end of Year Reports

Not one ‘could have done better,’ ‘could have tried harder’ or ‘talks too much!’

There is no strict, must follow curriculum – it is a unique person-centered plan, no pass grade pressure, but praise for improvement and appreciation for effort. Do not be thinking ‘sounds a bit unstructured’ not bothered, because you will be far from the truth, a truth that is full of striving for our students’ brighter future.

Skills Tank is an Independent Specialist Provider of vocational, practical, and fun educational learning opportunities for adults with learning difficulties/disabilities, mental health, autism, behaviour that challenges and brain injuries.

We do not like to see improvement, we love to see it, we thrive on it and with 21 years of working hard to create brighter futures, we have seen changes in people, granted they are gradual, sometimes very gradual, but these positive changes have literally changed lives. Our student’s lives and the lives of their carers.

To get a greater insight into some of these changes, I asked our learning mentors for an insight into the comments that go into our communication books (our way of keeping a regular dialogue between carer and the adult we care for), here are the 10 most common notes:

  1. Progressing in socializing more
  2. Now sharing thoughts and ideas much more
  3. Responds well – a greater confidence in giving answers
  4. Calmer and less agitated
  5. No longer isolates herself/himself but takes part
  6. More tolerant of situations
  7. Confidence is now shining through
  8. Enjoys taking part
  9. Happier with himself/herself
  10. Greater concentration for longer when working on tasks


There are no ‘could have done better,’ ‘could have tried harder’ or ‘talks too much’ in our reports. Yes, there is a dialogue about events that have happened during the day that may impact on time at home and vice versa. It is all about creating a brighter future.

If you would like a brighter future for the adult you care for who learns differently, mouse over to have a read about what we do, check out some case studies and watch a few videos. If you think we may be able to help you request an information pack via the website or call us on 0121 398 6555 and ask for Wayne or Glenys.