Is this the best present?

Yes, the latest tech is fun, the new clothes smart and the socks useful but the lasting memories are surely created by the people who take the time to make you feel good inside?

Your mind never forgets how someone made you feel, whether it was the bully at school or the surprise thanks you received unexpectedly. The unexpected thank you always brings a smile and warms your heart, even years later when you are tidying your special moments box-everyone should have one, the best pick-me-up in the world!

It is heartwarming for the team at Skills Tank Tamworth when they get cards like this, they love what they do and they put body and soul into the groups they work with.

The team’s joy and reward come from watching a person grow, that is growing in confidence, starting to believe they can then realise they have done.  Seeing an apprehensive face suddenly smile and keep smiling, hearing a mum or a dad or a carer saying “you are making a difference or you know you are changing his/her life”.

Given the right opportunity we can all grow, we can all learn and we can all achieve.  Once you believe this your world changes.  Read some of the news items and blog posts, (, watch the videos (, they all have a common thread people who learn differently growing, learning and achieving.


Merry Christmas and may 2019 be a year where you grow, you learn new skills and create happy memories making you feel wonderful over and over again.